This is

The Hopewell Approach

Do you want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt your nutritional approach is serving your highest potential?

Do you want to have the utmost confidence in the fact that what you’re doing is the absolute best thing for your health and will actually produce results?

Do you want to eat like a normal person and be able to “enjoy the moment,” but still know the decisions you’re making are aligned with your goals?

Let me show you how to get there.

Your nutrition should work for you,

not make your life more stressful.

  • The Hopewell Approach will give you the nutritional competence and confidence you need to make decisions aligned with your personal goals and stop questioning the process.

  • The Hopewell Approach will help you break free from an “all-or-nothing” mindset and learn how to establish sustainable, consistent habits that will work for you all the time (including weekends and holidays!!!), not just during the week.

  • The Hopewell Approach will transform the way you view the pursuit of health, finally producing the results you thought could only come from tedious tracking or strict protocols.


Learn how to create meals and snacks with a balanced macronutrient profile.


Learn how to prioritize nutrient-density to support optimal brain and body function.


Learn how to include satisfying foods to increase sustainability in your nutrition.

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When you enroll in The Approach,

you'll learn:

  • How to use nutritional decision making to achieve Comprehensive Health by balancing physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • How to reframe negative body-image thoughts.
  • How to set realistic, achievable expectations for your nutrition.
  • How to kill the restrictive mindset around food and find satisfaction in your nutrition.
  • How to make conscious nutritional choices aligned with your personal goals.
  • How macro and micronutrients affect your physiology, performance and body composition.
  • How to choose the most efficient protein, fat and carbohydrate sources based on your health and aesthetic goals.
  • How the food you eat affects your brain.
  • How to handle cravings.
  • How your metabolism actually works and how to optimize its function.
  • How to create nutritional habits that are sustainable and effective for long-term health.
  • How to achieve your aesthetic and performance goals while still being able to enjoy food.