This is

The Hopewell Approach

Do you want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt your nutritional approach is serving your highest potential?

Do you want to have the utmost confidence in the fact that what you’re doing is the absolute best thing for your health and will actually produce results?

Do you want to eat like a normal person and be able to “enjoy the moment,” but still know the decisions you’re making are aligned with your goals?

Let me show you how to get there.

"I have learned SO much in this program!! I have learned to not fear food, to not view food as good/bad. I have learned that I CAN have “that food” if I truly want it. I have learned how to distinguish between cravings and hunger cues. I really am so happy I found The Approach. I truly believe it was the right moment when I did. I can’t believe how much my mindset has changed. I am so unbelievably grateful. Thank you Hope, I truly believe you have helped me change my life!!!”

- Olivia R.

Hi, I’m Hope Brandt, RD

 I’m a journalist and communications professional turned nutrition expert, Louisiana-native living in small town Oklahoma, dancing (poorly) to 2000s hip-hop and consciously ignoring my sinkful of dishes.

My life runs on Americanos and sunshine, and you might know me by my bright blue FJ, my gremlin of a French Bulldog, Tobias, or my obnoxiously large smile! I have a deep love for TJ Maxx, Parks & Rec, coffee mugs with clever sayings (RIP cabinet space) and the LSU Tigers. Welcome to my little nook of the interwebs.